No time to plan my wedding: Jenna Dewan

Actress Jenna Dewan says she has had no time to discuss her wedding plans with fiance Steve Kazee, because she’s been too busy raising their baby son Callum, who was born one month after the pair got engaged.

“It’s so funny, we hadn’t even had a chance to talk much about our wedding. A month after we got engaged, I had Callum and then a week later, (coronavirus) quarantine began,” Dewan said, reports

The 40-year-old actress, who also has eight-year-old daughter Everly with former-husband and Hollywood star Channing Tatum, isn’t too worried about her wedding plans though.

She also wants her wedding to be unconventional, as she wants to put an “emphasis on simplicity and on presence”.

The actress added: “I am a firm believer in staying in the flow of life. I know I will know when it’s right. Same goes for the details of the day. I definitely think in the past few years, there’s been an emphasis on simplicity and on presence.

“I’m much more about making what’s important really count, which is each other and our family and having a great time celebrating together.”

The “Step Up” star is more interested in having a “meaningful gathering” with her loved ones rather than a “lavish party”.

She told The Knot magazine: “At this time in my life, I am definitely more drawn to the meaningful gathering rather than the lavish party. I think it would be really beautiful to have a sustainable wedding dress or work with a designer to create something that is sustainable.

“And I love the idea of recycled invites. There are some incredible ways to work with flowers. I would love to find a local, organic, farm-to-table caterer and donate leftovers after the wedding,” the actress concluded.