No traffic allowed from Terminal 3-1 for 3 weeks: Delhi Airport

Vehicular movement will be completely restricted from Terminal 3 to Terminal 1 of Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International Airport for the next three weeks due to the ongoing upgradation work, officials said Saturday.

“Traffic movement on the carriageway connecting Terminal 3 to terminal 1 of the Delhi Airport, through the underpass, will remain suspended for three weeks from today,” an official said.

However, the officials said that the carriageway connecting T1 to T3 will remain open for the movement of the traffic coming from terminal T1. “Passengers are advised to plan their travel accordingly,” an official added.

The official further advised passangers, who are planning to travel from T3 to T1, to take the national highway (NH 48 or NH 8) to reach T1 via Radisson roundabout.




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