No vaccine for climate change: Gautam Adani


The way we have led our lives and done business over the past 50 years cannot continue. At least, pandemic like Covid-19 can be countered by vaccines. The Director-General of the World Health Organization summarized it well when he said there is no vaccine for climate change! Gautam Adani, Adani Group Chairman said at TiE 2021 event.

Adani said the annual rate of increase in atmospheric CO2 emissions since 1970 is up almost 100 times. The search for sustainable solutions starts with admitting that the current situation is unsustainable. An even bigger concern is the impact climate change will have on the poorest segment of the population. Studies show that the social impact of climate change is irreversible, he added.

“We are tripling our solar power generation capacity over the next four years. This is a rate of growth currently unmatched by any other company anywhere on the planet. Our Renewables Portfolio has reached the initial target of 25GW a full four years ahead of schedule. Today, we are already the world’s largest solar power player. This puts us well on track to be the world’s largest renewable power generating company by 2030”, Adani added.

“Also, over the next decade, we will invest over 20 billion dollars in renewable energy generation. Our overall organic and inorganic investments across the entire green energy value chain will range between 50 and 70 billion dollars. This will include investments with potential partners for electrolyzer manufacturing, backward integrations to secure the supply chain for our solar and wind generation businesses, and AI-based industrial cloud platforms”, Adani said.

“We are confident that our integrated value chain, our scale, and experience puts us on the road to be the producer of the least expensive green electron anywhere in the world. This advantage opens several new pathways for us including setting us up to be one of the largest green hydrogen producers in the world, thereby opening up additional possibilities to be a partner of choice for several other industrial businesses”, Adani added.

“I would even go as far as to state that the revolution in alternative energy technologies throws opens the possibility that someday India can become a net green energy exporter! Hydrogen and its derivatives can replace a significant amount of our imports of crude oil, natural gas, and coal. This was impossible to even contemplate just 5 years back”, Adani added.

Adani said for India, decentralized power generation can be a massive game changer – especially for the rural population. Decentralized power allows us to improve grid resiliency and micro size “everything”. It enables micro-manufacturing, micro-agriculture, micro-healthcare, micro-education – everything that India’s rural population today needs for empowerment and job creation. “While there are many challenges still to be addressed, I am confident that we are on the cusp of a hydrogen-driven revolution that can transform India, green India, and energize India. This is nation-building at its best”, Adani added.