Noel Gallagher is loving lockdown life

Oasis legend Noel Gallagher says he has had a great time being at home during lockdown induced by Covid-19.

“I wish I could preach about clean living but I can’t. But I’m loving it. I got really back into… drinking at home, which I haven’t done since the 90s, every night watching the telly. I know rock stars who are health obsessed… and are quick to tell you they’ve been to rehab. It’s like, nobody wants to know that. Thankfully, I never felt the need to go,” Gallagher said.

Despite lockdown, Noel has managed to get exercise, reports

“I eat quite well and do a bit of exercise. I get out on my bike and I’ve got a gym though I’ve not used it in six months. But my wife is a fitness fanatic,” he shared with the The Sun newspaper’s Bizarre column.