Noida businessman’s luck shines with diamonds

The Panna district of Madhya Pradesh is known worldwide because of its diamond deposits. A lot of people believe in testing their luck when they visit the district situated in the heart of the country.

Rana Pratap Chauhan, a businessman from Noida, recently got lucky when he acquired seven diamonds in a year, out of which six were extracted from a mine leased in the name of his wife.

Chauhan has been involved in the business of selling construction materials in Noida. He had rented a mine to extract diamonds around a year ago, when he was contacted by some local people and came here with his wife. The first diamond, worth approximately Rs 2 lakh was procured from a mine bought under his name in January 2022, said reports.

Chauhan rose to immense prosperity when five diamonds were extracted consecutively from a mine under his wife Meena’s name. The sixth diamond, estimated to be worth of Rs 50 lakh was extracted during Navratri.

Panna district sees a lot of people taking mines on lease to test their luck in search of diamonds. While some shine, others keep waiting for a stroke of luck. Reports suggest that the businessman is immensely happy with his success.




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