Noida twin tower demolition test blast today


Supertech Twin Towers in Noida that are supposed to be decimated next month will undergo a test blast on Sunday to ascertain the appropriate amount of explosives needed for the demolition.

In its August 31 judgment last year, the Supreme Court had ordered for the demolition of the said towers in Noida. Edifice Engineering, a demolition agency, was given the contract to destroy both the towers and now the countdown of the final days of the twin towers has begun and it will be demolished after 43 days from now, i.e., on May 22.

During the trial on Sunday 5 kg explosives will be used and five minor blasts will be undertaken on the 14th floor and the basement of the building.

An advisory was issued on Saturday by the Edifice Engineering to the people residing in neighbouring areas ahead of the test blast, asking them to stay indoors during the explosion.

Earlier, while exclusively speaking to IANS, Utkarsh Mehta, partner at Edifice, said it might take three months to clear the massive debris of the twin towers.

“Tentatively, around 3000-4000 Kg of explosives will be used for the demolition process,” said Mehta, adding that they will use a shock tube detonator which is a non-electric explosive fuze in the form of small-diameter hollow plastic tubing used to transport an initiating signal to an explosive by means of a shock wave.

He said that it will only take nearly nine seconds for the building to be razed.

When asked how he can presume the exact timings of the demolition, Mehta said, “It is not that it will be razed in exactly 9 seconds. In my 40 years of practical experience, we have done several demolitions in the past and with a building of that height I believe it should not take more than 9 seconds.”

Of the two towers — Apex — the taller one is 103 m and Cayene — the smaller one is 97 metre. Mehta said in their last assignment they had demolished a 108 m building and it took only 8.2 seconds to be razed to the ground.

Speaking on the safety aspect of the people in the nearby areas or the building that might come in the blast radius, Mehta said there are two buildings in the nearby Emerald Court that will be covered with containers.

“We are also planning an evacuation zone and we will visit the area with Traffic and Local Police and our safety head will come from South Africa. They will have a joint review of the area and then decide on the evacuation process,” he said.

It was officially learnt that around 1,500 families live in the close vicinity of the towers which makes a rough estimate of around 6,000 people that might have to leave the area in advance for their safety and security.

Notably, the demolition process will cost around Rs 18 crore.



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