Noida Twin Towers upcoming demolition spreads panic in neighbourhood

Nupur Gupta, who lives with her family in a flat near Supertech’s Twin Towers here, is nervous about the demolition work and its aftermath.

During a conversation with IANS, Gupta said that the twin towers are being brought down without determining the structural safety of the neighbouring buildings and it has impacted her flat immensely.

The house has to be cleaned at least thrice a day and their garden and terrace area has been destroyed completely.

The building seems to be very weak, as during the trial blast, when the explosion took place, they could feel the blast waves.

The dust and dirt from demolition activities has severely affected her father and children’s health, as they have been ill for months now.

Nupur’s flat, which is situated less than 9 metres away, has become dilapidated, and she is afraid that the building will be further damaged when the demolition activities begin.

“I have a lot of things in this house and in order to protect them, I have wrapped them and kept them in boxes from the past three to four days,” she said.

After marriage, Nupur shifted here in 2014, and has been dealing with lack of sunlight and poor air quality since then.

She said that living here seemed like “mental torture” as no one is taking responsibility for the damage caused to her apartment.

Kusum Gupta, who also lives in the same tower, said that she has been scared ever since it has come to her knowledge that the pillars of this tower are weak and cannot be strengthened within a week.




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