Not just assurance, PM must take serious action on rape cases: Congress

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New Delhi, April 14 (IANS) Thanking Prime Minister Narendra Modi for breaking his silence on the rape-murder of a minor in Jammu and Kashmir and the rape of another in Uttar Pradesh, Congress demanded that he should now take “some serious action”, instead of giving “assurances”.

The party also said the BJP has a anti-Dalit mindset and just by inaugurating a memorial their ideology and mindset won’t change.

“We are very very thankful that the Prime Minister has spoken at least..even if he has done it after three months, after weeks of Unnao, even if he has spoken at the demand and insistence of the opposition parties like us,” said Congress spokesperson Abhishek Manu Singhvi.

“But at least he has spoken. I wish he will now convert his words to deeds. We want him to take some serious action,” he added.

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“Deeds count, words do not. The mentality of the RSS, BJP, PM and the government is anti-Dalit. Their thought, deed, their thinking process, actions, policies and approach are all anti-Dalit.

“Mere slogans and jumlas will neither prevent, nor reduce Unnaos and Kathuas. For Dalits you can inaugurate as many memorials as you like, but the fact of the matter is you are reducing sub-plans, financial allaocations, robbing them of their scholarships, you are particiapting in conspiracies to dilute their reservation and then you are shedding crocodile tears in the name of Dalits.”

On the Prime Minister saying Congress didn’t give Babasaheb Ambedkar due respect and also didn’t confer Bharat Ratna on him, Singhvi said: “Any attempt to rewrite, reinvent and erase history will not work.”

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“Ambedkar was part of Congress movement. He had healthy positive differences of opinion on policy matters. But he was a part of the freedom movement with the Congress. He was a minister in Nehru’s cabinet. He was respected person. No one has done more in the name of Babasaheb and the Dalits then Congress has,” he said.

“Do you know about RSS’ views on Baba Saheb and the Dalits, their attitude towards reservation. They even made fun of Baba Saheb. Now, they are trying to turn over a new leaf and become crusaders for Dalits.”



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