‘Not only Twin Towers, builder redesigned all towers of Emerald Court for extra floors’

The Twin Towers of Supertech in Noida Sector 93-A have been razed but the layers of the story are still unfolding one after the other.

While talking to IANS, UBS Tewatia, RWA President of Supertech Emerald Court, said the Supertech builder applied for extra floor area ratio (FAR) again after the map was passed by the Authority for 15 towers built in Emerald Court and constructed two extra floors in each tower. After which 120 extra flats were built in the society as each floor had four flats.

According to Tewatia, the builder redesigned not only the Twin Towers but also the entire Emerald Court map, taking extra FAR from the Authority, and built two extra floors in each tower with four flats on each floor.

He said that no one objected to this because everyone got possession. People are living in it and everything was done on paper legally. “The fight for the twin towers has been completed, now the people living in the society have no objection to any builder’s case, nor have any complaints about the extra FAR of two floors that happened a long time ago,” Tewatia added.




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