Notorious thief arrested in Dwarka

With the arrest of a notorious thief, Delhi Police on Monday claimed to have solved four cases of snatching and theft in the Dwarka area.

The accused identified as Ranjit Singh alias Happy, a resident of JJ colony in Uttam Nagar, was also previously involved in six criminal cases. He is also declared a ‘Bad Character’ at the Bindapur police station in Dwarka.

M. Harsha Vardhan, the Deputy Commissioner of Police (Dwarka), said that a police team patrolling in the area on Sunday spotted a suspicious person, who on seeing the cops tried to escape.

“Subsequently, he was chased and nabbed. During frisking, one mobile phone was recovered from his possession. On verification, the same was found to be stolen in the area of Bindapur,” said the top official.

“On sustained interrogation, he disclosed his involvements in several theft cases. He disclosed that he had also stolen the mobile phone and car batteries from Bindapur. As per his disclosure and at his instance one stolen mobile phone and two stolen car batteries were also recovered.”




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