Now, G-6 group giving Cong a tough time for 4th RS seat in Rajasthan


The fielding of media baron Subhash Chandra as an independent candidate for the fourth Rajya Sabha seat in Rajasthan has left the ruling party tensed. The Congress was thinking of easy win on three seats, while for the BJP at least one Rajya Sabha seat is assured.

In an attempt to save their MLAs from being poached, the Congress government has taken them to Udaipur as a part of political fencing.

Eventually, new words are trending on social media, some of these are horse trading, elephant trading, Bara bandi (political fencing), bara-bunk (MLAs bunking fencing) and G6 group.

Overall, four BSP and two Congress MLAs are giving a tough time to the Congress government and have evaded ‘barabandi’ (political fencing) and are being branded as Bara-bunks (MLAs bunking fencing).

The group of these six MLAs is being called as G-6 as they are going vocal against the Congress government the same way G-23 once went did against the Congress leadership.

In fact, many of them were seen enjoying safari in Sariska when Congress MLAs were going to Udaipur camp.

A BSP turncoat Wajib Ali said, “we have seen a tiger in Sariska and now we are not keen to go to Barabandi.”

Another MLA Giriraj Malinga has openly said he has not taken ‘7 feras’ with Congress. “We are not slaves,” he said when asked if he is going to join political fencing in Udaipur.

Another MLA Rajendra Guda said, “CM speaks a lot to the media”, (Gehlot saheb bolte bahut hain, ki ye kiya, media mein bolte hain. Kabhi baith ke chinta karte toh zyada theek hota).

Another MLA Khiladi Lal Bairwa said, “We are not slaves. We were promised big when a faction rebelled when government was in danger and now we will not be slaves.”

Meanwhile, the BJP has also announced a barabandi for its MLAs which is being called as a training camp. “We will take them to hotel in Jaipur. Central leaders like Arun Singh, Narendra Singh Tomar will be residing with these MLAs from June 6 onwards. Our MLAs will be imparted training,” said Satish Poonia, BJP state president.

The Congress, since the fielding of Chandra, has been accusing BJP of horse trading. However BJP in return has accused Congress of elephant trading.

“They did elephant trading twice, once in 2008 and another in 2018 by merging all BSP MLAs into Congress,” said Satish Poonia.

They have fielded Chandra but from where will they bring votes, asked Gehlot adding, “They will indulge in horse trading.”

Meanwhile, a senior leader told IANS, “New world politics might bring new words in political lexicon as ‘Picture abhi baki hai. (End is yet to come).



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