Now, Surat police to help citizens to get cheaper, safer loans

Police in Gujarat’s Surat have decided to help people in getting loans at cheaper interest rates, as part of their drive against ‘loan sharks’ who are looting citizens, and with their pressure and threatening practices, even driving some borrowers to suicide.

Considering the situation, Surat Police Commissioner Ajay Tomar and his team have decided to help borrowers. Tomar told media persons that citizens looking for a loan will be assisted by police, and one has to simply dial 100.

Tomar and his team have prepared a leaflet in which details of various cooperative credit societies, cooperative banks, nationalised banks, and even financial institutes extending loan against gold are shared. It also lists a few government schemes in which citizens can avail loans.

The Commissioner said that he is hopeful that information at one stop will open windows for borrowers and make their task easier. If such information is available, they will not need to depend on or borrow from loan sharks, he added.




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