Jabalpur/ Indore, April 19 (IANS) Javed Khan, who was arrested under National Security Act (NSA) for throwing stones at doctors in Indore 10 days ago, escaped from the Covid-19 isolation ward of the Medical College Hospital in Jabalpur around 4:30 pm on Sunday. He had tested positive for coronavirus on April 11 and was admitted to the isolation ward of the Medical College.

He was brought from Indore to Central Jail Jabalpur on 9 April along with another accused. Jail Superintendent Gopal Tamarkar had refused to allow him inside the jail and sent him to Victoria Hospital for medical examination.

Apart from Javed, 3 other prisoners have also been sent from Indore. They are lodged in the Central Jail. Superintendent of Police Amit Singh has announced a cash reward of 10,000 on Javed’s arrest.

In another incident at Indore on Saturday evening, the police arrested Paras Borsi, who attacked a medical team that went to conduct corona survey in Palasia area. A health worker has been injured in the attack.

The team had gone for a survey following reports of a patient in Vinoba Nagar showing symptoms for the dreaded disease. Borsi picked up a quarrel with the team and attacked three men and a woman, with a knife. Paras snatched the mobile phone of the female worker and broke it. She said Borse also tried to strangulate her.

Superintendent of Police Yusuf Qureshi said Borse, who was drunk during the incident, was subsequently arrested.

Medical teams have been attacked in Indore more than once. A team was first attacked at Ranipura two weeks ago. Two women doctors were beaten up in Tatpatti Bakhal area just a couple of days later and in the third incident stones were pelted at policemen asking them to stay indoors.

Javed Khan was arrested after this incident.




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