NSDC collaborates with SahiPay for digital financial literacy


With a vision to promote nano-entrepreneurship amongst youth in the financial services sector, National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC) on Wednesday announced its collaboration with SahiPay — an Android based integrated platform developed by Manipal Business solutions (MBS) to promote digital enablement and financial inclusion in the country.

The partnership aims to facilitate skilling of youth in digital financial services and provide them with an opportunity to explore self-employment for sustainable livelihood.

Candidates will be provided access to free digital skilling on ‘Online Entrepreneurship Program’ through NSDC’s eSkill India portal, co-curated by experts from the field of financial inclusion and skilling from both the organisations.

eSkill India’s knowledge partnership with MBS’ SahiPay platform will facilitate digital skilling of youth towards financial inclusion and help create a holistic ecosystem for promotion of self-employment and nano — entrepreneurship in the financial services sector.

The partnership aims to combine NSDC’s digital skilling expertise, robust training infrastructure and wide network with SahiPay’s industry insights to design and conduct targeted skill development programs for youth to boost their employability and productivity.

The e-course would enable the candidates to gain knowledge in the field of digital financial services, impart skills towards self-employment and provide the opportunity to be a part of SahiPay.

NSDC and SahiPay will also organise various digital and on-ground initiatives to create wider awareness amongst youth across the country about digital financial literacy and highlight the several prospects of self-employment that the sector offers.