NSUI urges Sonia to appoint leaders with organisational background

Embarassed over the resignation of former NSUI in-charge Ruchi Gupta, who had accused Congress General Secretary K.C. Venugopal of delaying the reorganisation of several units and damaging the party, the students’ wing of Congress has now written to interim party President Sonia Gandhi demanding to appoint its leaders with organisational background.

The letter was written by the office-bearers of the National Students’ Union of India (NSUI) after its general body meeting on February 1, signed by 17 out of the 22 office-bearers. During the meeting, the NSUI also passed a resolution to make Rahul Gandhi the next President of of the Congress.

The letter viewed by IANS stated that NSUI is seen as the ‘nursery’ of the Congress, providing the ‘leadership and workers for tomorrow’ for the party. But with no leadership at the moment, the youth workers are quiet with such a big responsibility on the shoulders of the students’ body.

If futher asserted that the NSUI is walking on a very thin rope. The national office-bearers of the NSUI said in the letter that the youth of the country are associating themselves with the ideology of NSUI and Congress, but the students’ body needs to do a lot more to get all of them on its side.

The NSUI leadership needs someone who has a clear direction to move forward, it said.

Slamming Gupta, who stepped down from the post of NSUI in-charge in December last year, the letter said, “The previous in-charge Ruchi Gupta was not very equipped with the knowledge of how to lead an organisation such as the NSUI forward, as she is from a non-organisational and non-political background. Few of her decisions could be termed as vindictive to say the least.”

The letter also alleged that “Gupta used media and social media to malign the image of the organisation which negatively affected the image of NSUI”.

“It’s our humble request that you please look that the in-charge NSUI gets has an organisational background, someone who understands the strength and the shortcomings of NSUI,” it added.

Gupta had announced her resignation from the party on Twitter in December last year after accusing Venugopal of delaying the reorganisation of several units and damaging the party.

In the internal WhatsApp group of the national office-bearers of NSUI, Gupta had said: “I have resigned. As you know that important organisational changes have remained pending for very long.”

She also said that many other state units were waiting for reorganisation to make space for new activists.

“These continuing delays by General Secretary (Organisation) are damaging the organisation, but in the present circumstances, it is not possible to escalate repeatedly to Congress President (Sonia Gandhi). Thus the situation has become untenable,” she had said, slamming Venugopal.

“I want to make sure that your hard work is not lost in the transition and will be sending a write-up on each of you to Rahul (Gandhi) ji,” she had said.

Gupta was also a Joint Secretary in the All India Congress Committee (AICC).

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