Nyaya, free health: Rahul gives glimpse of UDF manifesto


Lashing out at both the BJP-led Centre and the CPI-M led-Kerala government, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Tuesday revealed glimpses of what his party-led United Democratic Front would offer to the people of Kerala in its manifesto for the upcoming Assembly polls.

“Everything what we will do will be mentioned and its not the manifesto of the UDF, but for the people of Kerala and it will include the idea of Nyaya, where a minimum guaranteed amount will be given, then there would be a line where we will provide cashless treatment and also free insurance,” he said at a public rally here marking the conclusion of the statewide yatra of Leader of Opposition Ramesh Chennithala.

“I also assure you that there will be no line which will say we will work with anyone who are cheating the fishermen here. It will also not have a line where it says whatever we do is for our organisation. I assure you that these will not be just empty words, but I guarantee that this will become a reality, as both the Centre and the state governments are out to weaken the people,” he said in a barb directed at the state’s Pinarayi government.

Incidentally, this is the first time that Gandhi has attacked the Left as even during the 2019 Lok Sabha poll campaign, when he was the candidate from the Wayanad Lok Sabha seat, he confined himself to hitting out against the BJP.

Taking on Vijayan, Gandhi said that all remember that the Left, when they assumed office in 2016, promised that they will make Kerala a better place.

“The question now is, better for whom? Is it for the people or for the Left organisation. If you are one of them, then every job is there. If you carry their flag, any amount of gold can be smuggled even when sitting in the office of the Chief Minister.

“But if you are an young Keralite, then you will have to stage a protest in front of the Secretariat. The only way we did was to protest through a hunger strike. But the Chief Minister will not speak to you because you are not a Left supporter. I assure you, if you were a Left supporter, then he would have come and spoken to you and given every job which they never deserve,” he added.

Taking on the Modi government, he said that today in the country there are only four people who benefit from everything and two of them are in the government and the other two are the wealthiest people.

“Just ask anyone if the demonetisation helped anyone, none will say that and the same also about GST. Today the BJP is attacking me every time I speak against them. What I really don’t understand is why is that the cases registered by the CBI and the ED in Kerala are not going forward. Everyone knows the reason,” he said.

Gandhi later went to meet the youths protesting in front of the state Secretariat for four weeks now to seek creation of more vacancies and ending of backdoor appointments by the Vijayan government.