Nyra Banerjee: There’s a difference between showing romantic intimacy and sex scenes

Television actress Nyra Banerjee, who is currently seen playing the role of a phone sex operator in the web series ‘Hello Jee’, said she doesn’t like content where physical intimacy is added for grabing eyeballs and has no context to the story.

Talking to IANS about her web series and the unnecessary addition of steamy scenes, Nyra said,”I have seen a lot of web series which have unnecessary intimate scenes. I was very clear that this (‘Hello Jee’) series should not only be about sex and such scenes should only be there if they are justified by the script. In ‘Hello Jee’, I am a phone sex operator but I am not doing any unnecessary intimate scenes. I believe that if there is a certain thing that a storyteller cannot justify, then even an actor cannot perform it well and it’s not needed to be shown unnecessarily.”

The actress prefers every scene to have a proper context to the story.

“You don’t believe in showing detailed sex in any film unless that a very important factor and the story is based on it. There’s is a difference between showing romantic intimacy and a blatant sex scene. I like the romantic ones which don’t look vulgar. In my show, all our scenes are shown in flashbacks only as a reference that there was a past. Nowhere it has been shown to grab eyeballs nor have we used it in our trailers,” the actress shared.

Talking about her web series, Nyra said the concept of the story was built keeping in mind the concept of digital stories.

“‘Hello Jee’ is unique because we all know that web series need to be edgy for it to be different from TV serials and movies and having edgy content is also very important to get the audiences glued to the screen and wait for the second season. They would also then through word of mouth spread that it is a good series. By edgy, I meant it need not be sexual or intimate,” the actress said.