Odisha CM announces abolition of contractual recruitment system

A day ahead of his birthday, Odisha Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik on Saturday announced complete abolition of the contractual recruitment system.

Patnaik made this announcement in a video message to the people of Odisha after the approval of his cabinet, which was held on Saturday evening.

He said, in the year 2000, when he got the opportunity to serve Odisha, the post-super cyclone situation and the fragile financial conditions were biggest challenges for him.

The state was running on overdraft and the government was dependent on the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) for wages and means, said Patnaik, adding: “It was indeed a black period for the Odisha economy. The state exchequer was empty. There was tremendous pressure on our economy. We were lagging behind in various fields including health, education, infrastructure, agriculture, irrigation and many others.”

At that time, he said that his priority was to bring improvement in all these sectors within limited resources.

With this condition, his government stopped recruitment completely.

“We were forced to abolish government posts and it was very painful for me. The youths of my state were running from pillar to post for employment with the government. I was really very sad,” said the Chief Minister.

Patnaik said he was always worried on when would the situation improve and when would the children get regular recruitment in the state government?

“With the blessings of Lord Jagannath, the support of people, better financial management and good governance, the situation started to improve slowly.

“The contractual recruitment system started in 2013. It was a difficult decision for me too. Now our economy has improved significantly. Odisha has created a new identity for itself in the field of development in the country,” he said.

Last year, the state government had substituted the contractual recruitment posts with initial appointees.

Today, the state cabinet has decided to abolish the contractual system of recruitment permanently, he announced.

Even today, he mentioned, there are no regular recruitments in many states and they are still continuing with the contractual recruitment system. But in Odisha, the era of contractual recruitment has come to an end, added the CM.

He also stated that the notification will be issued on Sunday. More than 57,000 employees will benefit from this move and the government will bear an additional burden of Rs 1,300 crore per annum.

“This decision brings early Diwali for their family members. Today, Odisha is moving ahead with confidence. A strong and empowered Odisha. This is a golden moment in the history of Odisha,” said Patnaik.

In his message, he urged all the government employees to work sincerely and serve the people with commitment.

Follow the 5-T initiative of team work, technology, transparency, time and transformation diligently while discharging the duty. Work hard to enhance the image of Odisha, and play a significant role in the transformation of Odisha, he advised the employees.




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