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Odisha train crash: 82 bodies yet to be identified, claimants waiting for DNA test report

Even after six days of the triple-train accident in Odisha, some families are yet to receive bodies of their loved ones.

At least 288 passengers have died in the horrific train accident that occurred on June 2 evening, of which 82 remains unidentified. The other bodies have been handed over to the families of the deceased after verification of related documents, an official said on Thursday.

Meanwhile, a lot of people from states like West Bengal, Jharkhand and Bihar are waiting at AIIMS Bhubaneswar for the mortal remains of their family members.

While no one is there to claim some bodies, multiple families claim one body. As the bodies are in very bad condition, the family members are also facing difficulties in identification. Now, the claimants are waiting for a DNA test report, which will be available in the next two to three days.

The DNA sample of the deceased and claimants have been sent to AIIMS New Delhi for cross verification. Once the report will be available, the bodies will be handed over to genuine claimants, the official said.

Meanwhile, a man from West Bengal alleged that his 22-year-old son’s body has been handed over to some other people of Bihar.

Sibakanta Roy from Cooch Behar district of West Bengal is in trauma as the body of his son Bipul Roy was taken by another family from Bihar.

“I was in Arunachal Pradesh when I came to know about the shocking train accident of Coromandel express, in which my son was also travelling. Immediately I rushed back home and requested our BDO to arrange a vehicle. He arranged it and I arrived at Balasore,” Roy said.

After searching here and there, the father found Bipul’s picture tagged in a wall among the photographs of the deceased. When a stunned Sibakanta sought his son’s body, came to know that someone from Bihar had taken it.

“After reaching AIIMS Bhubaneswar, I came to know that my son’s body was taken by someone else. Now what can I do? The officials also said that they had doubts while handing over the body to the Bihar family on the age of the deceased person they were claiming,” he said.

“The identification of the remaining 82 bodies is being carried out. We are coordinating with concerned state government officials for proper verification of the claimants. In the cases of any dispute, we are not handing over the bodies,” said Vijay Amruta Kulange, commissioner, Bhubaneswar municipal corporation.

The government officials of West Bengal, Jharkhand and Bihar are here. Only after cross verification with the officials, the bodies will be given, he said.



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