Olly Murs has given up alcohol

Pop star Olly Murs has given up alcohol over the last 12 months, saying it can make him go “a bit mad”.

The ‘Heart Skips a Beat’ hitmaker, who shot to fame on ‘The X Factor’ in 2009, shared: “I’ve not been drinking for a year. I’ve done 365 days. Just a personal thing, I like little victories.”

Murs conceded that over-indulging on alcohol “can lead to bad s*** happening”, reports femalefirst.co.uk.

He told MailOnline: “I’m not someone who has ever struggled with drink – it was just something I felt like I wanted to for for a year and challenge myself. I just think sometimes drinking can lead to bad s*** happening.”

Despite this, Murs would’ve loved to have had a drink when he got engaged to girlfriend Amelia Tank earlier this year.

Asked if he missed anything about drinking, Olly replied: “I don’t miss it at all. Only once when we got engaged I was devastated I couldn’t have a little tipple.”

Murs has become much more health-conscious since he started dating Amelia.

While his fiancee is a fitness fanatic, Murs previously shared that he still loves to snack on some unhealthy treats.

Speaking about his lockdown experience, he confessed in an Instagram Live: “I have this issue that Amelia will open a bag of Maltesers Buttons. She’ll only have like three or four but then I’ll finish the pack.

“I haven’t got the discipline. I can’t put it to the side. Once I’ve opened it I have to finish them.

“Being at home, the fridge has become a best friend to all of us when we’re bored. So what’s happened is now that I’m at home more I’m having to fight my demons. I think if I can do it at home, I can do it anywhere. I’m being good.”




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