Olympics: 80,000 Covid tests planned daily for Tokyo 2020

With 11,500 athletes and around 79,000 administrators, support staff and media personnel reaching Japan in the next few days, the Tokyo Olympic Games will also see a massive operation to ensure everyone involved is healthy.

To ensure that there is no spread of the dreaded novel Coronavirus during the Games, all participants will be tested daily.

This means, around 80,000 Covid-19 tests will be conducted daily. The Organising Committee of Olympic Games 2020 has arranged for 230 doctors and 310 nurses to monitor and conduct these tests.

No participant and official will be allowed to get into the venue without a Covid-19 negative test.

The organising committee of the Games on Saturday informed that 15,000 people have entered Japan between July 1 and July 15 of which only 15 have tested positive for Covid-19.

As many as 44,000 personnel will be engaged in providing round-the-clock security at the Games.