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On ‘Mental Health Day’, Akash Choudhary opens up on battling clinical depression

On ‘Mental Health Day’, ‘Bhagya Lakshmi’ fame actor Akash Choudhary shared his personal battle with clinical depression and his inspiring journey to recovery, revealing how his pet dog helped him forget everything.

Despite his fame from reality shows like ‘MTV Splitsvilla’, ‘Dating in the Dark,’ and ‘Bhagya Lakshmi’, Akash faced a challenging period marked by clinical depression.

Talking about the same, Akash recounted, “In 2019, I hit a low point in life where everything seemed fine, things were okay, but there was a certain hollowness within me. I was feeling a bit sad, staying at home, not interacting with people, but I was doing well in life.”

“However, I didn’t have any awareness of clinical depression, and there were no clear symptoms. It was just there.”

He continued, “Even small things would trigger me. If there was a delay in food or any minor issue, I’d panic and start crying. I became highly sensitive. My friends began to distance themselves from me, calling me negative. I was on medication and even experienced hallucinations at times.”

“I took a break and went home for ten days, where I was emotionally fragile, experienced unexplained crying spells, extreme lows, and persistent negativity. I would cry over trivial matters, however, my parents provided tremendous support,” said Akash.

In early 2020, after almost a year of battling depression, Akash embarked on a journey of self-improvement.

He consciously made small changes in his life, focusing on mental clarity and strengthening his relationships with loved ones.

Akash explained how a turning point came in the form of his pet dog, Hazel, who entered his life during the lockdown.

“Spending time with him and raising him made me forget everything. My medication stopped, and since then, I haven’t experienced a single sad day in my life. Healing from depression made me wiser, spiritually connected to myself, and more aware of life’s worth. It changed my perspective, and I became analytical about people,” he said.

“Mental health is a topic people avoid discussing, and they label you negatively. But the journey of healing makes you realise the value of life. You become more aware and practical. Depression doesn’t need a reason. It can strike at any time, even when everything seems fine. The key is to be there for someone, listen to them, and spend time with loved ones,” he concluded.

On the professional front, Akash is now working closely with fashion companies for brand partnerships. He’s also focused on his dream of starting his own production company, which he plans to introduce to the world later this year.

On the television front, he is currently playing the role of Viraj Singhania, Malishka’s former best friend and ex-fiance in Zee TV’s ‘Bhagya Lakshmi’.



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