One killed in Hungarian hospital fire

A fire at Hungary’s St. Imre hospital has killed one person and caused two others to suffer from smoke inhalation, authorities have said.

“Firefighters of the capital rushed to the scene with great force and put out the fire,” the National Directorate General for Disaster Management said on Sunday morning in a statement on its website.

“They began inspecting and ventilating the hospital. The building will be evacuated,” the statement added.

The Budapest Police headquarters confirmed one casualty — the remains of a woman were found by the firemen as they put out the fire. Two people are being treated for suspected smoke inhalation.

Mate Kisdi, a Spokesman for the Budapest Disaster Management Directorate, said that the flames had started on the ground floor in a detoxifier, Xinhua news agency reported.

More than seventy firefighters arrived on the scene in 18 vehicles. They helped evacuate the wards, and assisted in the relocation of 56 patients.

St. Imre hospital, one of Hungary’s largest, also caught fire in November 2020, during which no casualties were reported.






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