‘One Nation, One Standard’ to be priority: Piyush Goyal

Time has come when we should focus on ‘One Nation, One Standard’ to make India a global leaders in setting standards as per global benchmarks as strength and character of a nation is often exemplified by the standards it sets for the quality of its products and services, said Union Minister for Railways and Commerce & Industry and Consumer Affairs, Food & Public Distribution Piyush Goyal on Saturday while reviewing the work of Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS).

He said, “While all areas of production and services should be included in this national mission, bringing a national uniformity and standardization in all kinds of public procurement and tendering can be an immediate deliverable.”

Goyal further stated that BIS should also explore international partnerships and associations to achieve synergy in the field.

“Lab testing in India should be as per the world standards. Modern equipments and latest technologies should be used. Gap analysis of BIS and government labs be taken up on priority basis as well,” said Goyal.

Referring to the non-uniform standards in different institutions and PSUs, the Union Minister said that efforts should be made to merge different standards under one standard. He also reiterated on dialogue, participation and collaboration of industry in setting up ‘One Nation, One Standard’, simplification of the process of granting certificates and avoiding duplication.

Goyal further went on to say that the aim should be to become the world leader in having maximum industrial products under ‘Indian Standards’ and nobody should feel the need to go abroad to get quality certification.