One party did ‘Parivarvad’, other doing ‘Dostvad’: Kejriwal

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Monday slammed the Centre over the latter’s ‘Revdi’ remark and claimed that one party (Congress) did ‘Parivarvad’ while the other party (BJP) ruling at the Centre is doing ‘Dostvaad’.

Accusing the BJP of ‘dostvaad’ (favouring friends) and Congress of ‘parivarvaad’ (dynastic politics) without naming them, Kejriwal said his party is trying to usher ‘Bharatvaad’ (Indianness).

Targeting the BJP-led Central government in a press briefing, the Chief Minister added, “These people waived off the loans of Rs 10 lakh crore of their friends. Such people must be called as ‘traitors’ and investigation should be carried out against them.”

A law should be brought in to declare this ‘treason’ and all those involved should be sent to jail, he said.

He claimed that an atmosphere is being created against free government welfare services by terming them ‘freebies’, rather than planning to strengthen them during the 75th year of independence.

“There are some people who call the provision of free education, free medical treatment by government facilities as ‘rewadi’ or ‘freebies’. An atmosphere is being created in the country against provisions of free education at government schools and free medical treatment at government hospitals,” Kejriwal added.

He alleged, “We are celebrating the 75th anniversary of the country’s independence and should be planning on strengthening such facilities but we are creating an atmosphere against them.”

“On the eve of 75th independence, I demand to provide free education, healthcare, 300 units of free electricity to every household and an unemployment allowance to all,” he said.




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