Online matching with foodies? Try these ice breakers

New Delhi, June 2 (IANSlife) For those of us who live to eat and not the other way around, food is tbh ( to be honest), our whole lives. Even when it comes to our relationships, foodies need someone who is always on the lookout for the best Korean fried chicken or the next best green cafe in town. Who wouldn’t want to dance around the kitchen baking cookies with their partner or stay in and chanelise their inner ‘masterchef’ (even if the best thing you can make is Maggi). Whether you’re an old-school romantic or a modern love enthusiast, food is definitely a love language.

‘Foodies’ is also one of the top 10 interests on Tinder in India, and to help you shoot your shot, here’s a list down 5 sweet n spicy ?one-liners that will melt the ice between you and your match. So bring your food wish list to life and head over to Tinder Explore, the new interactive space to find matches on shared interests, to find the pineapple to your pizza on ‘Foodies’, ‘Brunch’ or ‘Let’s get coffee’ (if that’s your thing):

* Khaana aur gaana, mushkil se mushkil baat ko aasaani se kehne ka zariya hai

Rajbeer made an OG statement with this one, food and music can make even the toughest things to say as easy as cake (or is it as easy as nihaari?) So be inspired by this definitely spicy one-liner and ask your crush out to a musical dinner date. If Ranveer Brar can do it, so can you queen.

* Acha khaana banane ke liye sirf ek cheez chahiye – pyaar

If you are a cook, or even a baker, then this line is made for you. In addition to showing off your skillzz through dinner table spreads on your profile, set this one-liner as your bio and Let the love wafting from your food lead you to your perfect match

* Main tumhaare liye lassan chhodne ke liye taiyaar hu

Now this, is a biggie. To let go of garlic- an essential ingredient in most cuisines – for LOVE. I mean, aisa bhi hota hai? On the bright side, at least you will never have to worry about having garlic breath!

* I’ll get you Jaadu Vaala Dimsums when you’re sick

Momo lovers, this is your jam. Bring out the magic of the ‘Jaadu Vaala Dimsums’ (maybe take inspiration from the show and create your own song) and let it lead you to that match who always asks for extra momo vaali chutney.

* Cutting chai se zyaada intellectual baat koi ho hi nahi sakti

How could we finish this off without paying at least one homage to India’s all-time love: chai. A cup of chai is the perfect excuse to start a conversation, and like Arshad Warsi said, cutting chai ki baat hi kuch aur hai, it always leaves you wanting more. So set this line as your bio, and find your kinda chai-be.

Instead of going to the kitchen to grab another snack, get online and fulfil your #foodiegoals this summer.

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