Online tool to assist undergrads with jobs

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A new online platform called UnivJobs has been created to act as a liaison between undergraduates and businesses looking to hire students is causing a buzz in student circles. The startup now serves over 40 post-secondary institutions in Ontario. Their goal is nationwide coverage.

The idea is to allow students the opportunity to dabble in the workplace by taking up part-time employment. This would allow for greater experimenting.

It’s user-friendly and fun to navigate. All students need to do is to fill out a profile that includes their GPAs, majors, interests and even fun facts. Once they create their free profiles they can browse through available job opportunities. This is a two-way platform where by employers can be approached by job-seeking students or they can go head hunting if they are in a hurry to fill out some positions. The database of students and recent-grads across more than 40 post-secondary institutions in Ontario offers employers a great talent pool of freshly-minted students waiting to offer their skills and services.

At some point, the goal is to ensure that this platform goes national.

To find out more about UnivJobs, check out the website at

Such apps will help new undergraduates get some invaluable work experience and some much needed cash to help pare down their student loans. It will also give them a heads up in their careers and perhaps some clarity as to what line of work they enjoy. – CINEWS

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