Only 1 lakh left to be vaccinated with first jab in Goa: CM

Only one lakh from the state’s population of 15 lakhs have not taken their first Covid vaccination dose yet, according to Goa Chief Minister Pramod Sawant.

Speaking to reporters on Thursday, Sawant also said that the state government had written to the Centre, to allow a shorter gap between the two vaccines for teachers, so that they would be in a position to physically teach in schools, once a decision to re-open them is taken.

“Our objective is to complete 100 per cent vaccination by July 31. We appeal to everyone to take the first dose at the vaccination centres. Approximately one lakh persons have been left out for now. If they come forward we will complete (100 per cent) the first jab by July 31,” Sawant said.

“We have requested the central government to allow faster vaccination of teachers. If the request is granted, we will facilitate (vaccination) within 30 days. Teachers will be fully vaccinated and safe for teaching purposes. If we eventually decide to re-open schools, it will be in a safe environment,” Sawant said. The Chief Minister however said that a formal decision to open schools in the state had not been taken yet.

Sawant also said that the government was tinkering with the possibility of opening schools (only) on August 15 where students from Class X and XII could be called for an assembly to celebrate Independence Day.

“But a formal decision has not been arrived at yet,” Sawant said.