Only 5% of high school students enrolled in e-learning courses: Report

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Although going forward, there will be greater emphasis on e-learning, for now it doesn’t seem to be on the radar of most high school students across the province. A report recently released shows that just five per cent of students on average per high school in Ontario are currently enrolled in online courses, and some have trouble learning so independently.

The People for Education report on technology in schools comes shortly after the provincial government announced that all high school students will have to take four e-learning credits — out of the 30 credits needed for a diploma — starting in 2020-21.

The education advocacy group’s survey found that at least some students are enrolled in e-learning in 87 per cent of schools, though in those schools, only about five per cent of students are taking those courses.

Some critics say that the e-learning environment is not suitable for all students as e-learning courses demand a certain amount of self-discipline which many kids lack.

Meanwhile the Peel District School Board is urging Minister Thompson to consult on the idea and reconsider it as there is a fear that students living in poverty may not have the devices and/or technology necessary to access e-learning.

However not introducing e-learning which is the way of the future would be short-sighted. Granted there will be a certain percentage of students who won’t be able to afford a computer or another device, depriving Ontario’s high school students from getting comfortable with e-learning is not the answer. A better way would be to provide or make available devices to students in need. -CINEWS

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  1. Researchers with the “State of the Nation: K-12 e-Learning in Canada” have been examining e-learning across Canada for the past twelve years. Their report put the figure closer to 10% of secondary school students in Ontario.