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Only BJP can bring Chhattisgarh out of web of corruption and misgovernance: Modi’s appeal to voters

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday said that the people of Chhattisgarh know that only the BJP can bring the state out of the web of corruption and misgovernance.

The Congress is all set to lose in the elections and people are reposing their faith in the BJP, he said.

He added that the saffron party is determined and committed to fulfil all its promises made in the state.

In a post on X, in Hindi, Modi said, “This time during the election campaign in Chhattisgarh, my experiences were amazing and unprecedented. It is said – Chhattisgarhiya… sabse badhiya (the best). I felt its echo all around.”

“The hardworking people of Chhattisgarh are full of new hope and new energy to make their state better and the best. They know that if anyone can free Chhattisgarh from the clutches of misgovernance and corruption, it is only the BJP. The BJP has made it, only the BJP will improve it,” Modi said.

He said that Chhattisgarh would be completing 25 years in the next few years and the youth in the state, who are going to vote for the first time, are moving forward with the dreams of a prosperous state.

Along with the pledge of a developed India in the next 25 years, they have also taken the pledge of a developed Chhattisgarh. They are aiming to dedicate the next 25 years of their lives to the resolve of a developed Chhattisgarh and a developed India, Modi said.

He said that the way the youth of the SC, ST and OBC communities of the state are connecting with the party’s development model is very encouraging.

“This power of the youth of Chhattisgarh is going to write a new chapter of change,” he said.

“Mothers of Chhattisgarh, our sisters and daughters have also raised the flag of development of the state. Today, the way India is trying for women empowerment, we can see its impact in Chhattisgarh also,” he said.

“The Congress’ crushing defeat in this election is certain. People trust the good governance of the BJP and not the empty promises of the Congress. The BJP is determined and committed to fulfil its every resolution. I assure the people of Chhattisgarh that the BJP government coming to the state will be the government of your aspirations and prosperity of the state,” Modi said.

Polling in the second phase for the 70 Assembly seats in Chhattisgarh is scheduled on November 17.

The first phase of polling for 20 Assembly seats took place on November 7.

The campaigning for the Assembly elections will come to an end on Wednesday evening at 5 p.m. and counting of votes will take place on December 3.



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