Only emergency surgeries in Delhi govt hospitals


Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal announced on Tuesday that only emergency surgeries would be taken on priority in government-run hospitals, while planned surgeries will not be available till further order.

“Planed surgeries are in high number while emergency surgeries are usually in less number. Therefore, hospitals authorities have been directed to admit non-covod patients only if it is emergency case,” Kejriwal said while addressing a press conference.

Meanhwile, the Chief Minister asserted that CBSE exams should be cancelled.

“Around six lakh students and around one lakh will come to exams centres. They can get infected of Covid-19 hence it would nessassary to cancel CBSE exams. I would request the Centre to cancel CBSE exams,” he added.

Kejriwal added that his government will also set-up Covid centres in government-run schools.