Ontario freezes college and university tuition fees for 1 more year

Ontario is extending the current tuition freeze for colleges and universities by an additional year.

“Students and their families make significant sacrifices to attend college and university,” said Minister of Colleges and Universities Ross Romano. “The financial uncertainty due to the COVID-19 pandemic further underscores the need to keep college and university programs affordable. By freezing tuition our government is continuing to reduce the financial strain on families’ pocketbooks.”

The one-year tuition freeze for Ontario residents builds on the province’s 10 per cent reduction in tuition in 2019-20, and one-year tuition freeze in 2020-21. The government’s action to reduce and freeze tuition has provided students with tuition relief of approximately $450 million annually when compared to tuition costs in 2018-19, the province said in a statement.

“It is critical to the economic recovery of Ontario that today’s students, and tomorrow’s leaders, innovators and workers can obtain the skills they need to succeed in a highly competitive global economy,” said Minister Romano. “The extended tuition freeze will ensure Ontarians have affordable access to our first-class post-secondary education system and will provide financial relief to our families.”

According to the provincial government, students enrolled in a university undergraduate arts and science degree will pay an average of $660 less in tuition than if the tuition reduction and freeze policy had not been put in place.


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