The Ontario Liberal party is getting ready for the 2022 provincial elections. In a statement issued on Wednesday, the party announced that its election platform will be built “by Ontarians, for Ontarians” and driven by “ideas not slogans”.

Don Valley East MPP, Michael Coteau and London North Centre candidate, Kate Graham have been appointed as the party’s 2022 Platform Co-Chairs.

“My vision as Leader has been to build an Ontario Liberal platform that’s driven by the grassroots members of our party,” said party leader Steven Del Duca. “It’s my sincere commitment to ensure that each member has a chance to participate in a meaningful process where their ideas are heard and reflected in our platform. With the help of Michael Coteau and Kate Graham, we’re going to build a platform by Ontarians, for Ontarians.”

The Ontario Liberal plan for the next election will be built on the following pillars:

  • Growing an economy that ensures prosperity and dignity
  • Reinvigorating our publicly-funded education system, to guarantee future generations’ economic success and social progress
  • Putting patients and their families at the centre of our public health care system
  • Eliminating gaps in prescription medicine and mental health care
  • Protecting the safety and the health of our seniors as they age.
  • Building a real plan to help Ontario families confront climate change and protect our natural environment.

“Our party’s vision needs to reflect the values and address the needs of everyday Ontarians,” said Coteau. “Doug Ford’s deep cuts to public services have highlighted the need for a new direction. Ontario Liberals are truly the party of the people and we’ll demonstrate it through ideas, not slogans.”

While reiterating Del Duca’s “by Ontarians for Ontarians” ideology, Graham stated that “for the first time in a long time, we’re simply going to listen”.

“We’re listening to the people of this province and asking them to help us build a platform that’s written by Ontarians, for Ontarians,” said Graham. “For the first time in a long time, we’re simply going to listen.”

The Liberals lost official party status in the 2018 Ontario provincial election having fallen to only 7 seats, the worst defeat of a governing party in Ontario history. As per rules a party needs to have a minimum of eight elected members in order to qualify as an officially recognized party in the legislature. As a result the seven Liberal MPPs are currently operating as independents.


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