Ontario Liberals call on LCBO to ban Russian vodka


Today Ontario Liberal Party Leader Steven Del Duca called on the LCBO to pull all Russian alcohol from its shelves in response to Vladimir Putin’s illegal invasion of Ukraine.

Del Duca wrote to LCBO President and CEO Dr. George Soleas requesting swift action to ensure the province is doing everything it can to send a clear message to the Russian leader his aggression will not be tolerated.

“Our allies in Ukraine are under attack by Russia and need our help,” stated Del Duca. “Pulling Russian vodka from the shelves of the LCBO is an immediate action Ontario can take to demonstrate our solidarity with the people of Ukraine.”

The LCBO shelves hold a number of popular Russian beverages and spirits. Banning the sale of these products will prevent any further money from going to Russia during their illegal invasion, the provincial Liberal party said in a media statement.

“I appreciate the financial support Ontario has already offered to Ukraine in their fight against Russia, and I hope the LCBO will consider this measure as another way to restrict Russia’s trade,” added Del Duca. “We need to do everything we can to support our allies against the murderous dictator that has invaded Ukraine.”

Yesterday the province said it would provide $300,000 in humanitarian aid for Ukraine and settlement services for those fleeing the country.

Del Duca also thanked the federal government for supporting Ukraine. Ottawa announced stronger sanctions against 58 people and entities connected to Russia including major Russian banks and a paramilitary organization known as the Wagner Group.

When asked about what Ontario can do to affect Russia’s economy, Premier Doug Ford said “we’re going to throw everything we have at them”.

The premier said a meeting was scheduled “to find out all the trade that we (Ontario) do with Russia”. The province will also be reaching out to the federal government to determine all that can be done, Ford added.


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