Ontario turns blue – Doug Ford’s PC party will form the next government

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Ontario has a majority Progressive Conservative government. Four months ago, no one could have envisaged ‘Premier’ Doug Ford, but in less than 100 days, since he was elected leader of the Ontario PC Party he has the honour of becoming premier, dislodging the once formidable Liberals after 15 very long years in power.
At a time when the other two parties were beginning to implement their plans for the June election, the PC Party found itself mounting a full-scale leadership contest.
Under Doug Ford’s leadership, the PC party has maintained a consistent level of support since the election officially began on May 9. Ipsos’ first writ poll had the PCs at 40 per cent and up until 6th June, polls and media pundits declared that the election was Doug Ford’s to lose.
The unpopularity of the governing Liberals really helped the NDP and the PC party to consolidate their numbers. Given that a large number of Ontarians were leery of a left-leaning and free-spending NDP party at the helm, electing the PCs who have consistently promised to be fiscally conservative, those fearing Ontario could well go the way of European countries like Greece elected to give the PC’s the majority at Queen’s Park.
It was evident that PC leader has tapped into the overwhelming desire for change and the NDPs by promising to continue the leftist agenda begun by the Liberals, made it difficult for voters to think that the NDP would offer the kind of change so needed in the province.
To keep them in check, the NDP under long-time leader Andrea Horwath gained the status as the official opposition. Now all eyes are on Premier Doug Ford and the PC juggernaut.

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