Operation on to rescue Telangana man stuck under rocks

Rescue workers were continuing their efforts on Thursday to save a youth, who got stuck under rocks in Telangana’s Kamareddy district.

For more than 18 hours, forest, police and fire services teams were working overtime to pull out safely the man stuck between two huge boulders in the Yellareddy forest area.

The authorities deployed four JCBs to remove the boulders to rescue the youth, who had accidentally slipped and stuck between the rocks while hunting in the area on Tuesday.

A rescue worker said the operation continued throughout the night. The team were also blasting rocks at some distance.

Raju was partly visible from outside and he was heard crying for help. Officials supervising the rescue work advised the man to be patient as the work was on to save him.

Raju’s family members were anxiously waiting for his rescue. They said they started searching for him after he was not reachable over his mobile phone.

They found him stuck between boulders on Wednesday and alerted the police.




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