Oppn misleading people with unemployment figures: Guj BJP Yuva Morcha chief

The executive meeting of Gujarat BJP Yuva Morcha was held at the party’s state office Shree Kamalam in Gandhinagar.

At the meeting held on Tuesday, programmes for the next two months were discussed keeping in mind the upcoming Assembly elections scheduled later this year.

Discussions were held on the important issue of recruiting talented youth in the party through a membership drive from June 16-21.

Gujarat BJP Yuva Morcha President Prashant Korat and State party In-charge Pankaj Chaudhary were present at the meeting.

Talking to IANS on the importance of BJP’s Yuva Morcha, Korat said, “All the parties claim that more youths are joining them, but the figures which result in votes can only be considered true. Youngsters themselves contact us to join the Yuva Morcha.”

On the state of educated youth unemployment in the state, he added that according to government data, there are about 3,43,000 unemployed educated youth in the state.

“We have millions of forms being filled when competitive exams are held, but that doesn’t mean they are all unemployed. Government jobs are considered secure jobs, so young people doing other jobs also fill out the forms.”

“Some youngsters also appear in exams with the desire to be promoted or move to another post. So, we see a large number of candidates for the exams. The Opposition misleads the public by talking about unemployment citing these figures,” Korat said.




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