Oppn unity a myth: Dilip Ghosh (IANS Interview)


Calling opposition unity a myth, BJP national vice president, Dilip Ghosh said that the opposition don’t have a leader like Prime Minister Narendra Modi and there is a complete vacuum of leadership in the rival camp.

In an exclusive interview, Ghosh said that ‘Koi nahi hai takkar me’ (no one is in contest with BJP). “Country and party is secure under the leadership of Prime Minister Modi. Country and party is moving ahead under Modi. BJP is the future and the country’s future is secured with the BJP,” Ghosh, former West Bengal BJP president, said.

Taking a dig at West Bengal Chief Minister’s national ambitions, Ghosh said that she is trying to make TMC presence in other states by inducting retired, tired and rejected leaders.

Here are some excerpts from the interview:

Q. Next year, assembly elections will be held in seven states, what is the importance of these elections for the BJP?

A. First of all let’s talk about the assembly elections held in five states this year. We formed the government for the second consecutive time in Assam, formed the government for the first time in Puducherry and we have four MLAs in the Tamil Nadu assembly. In Kerala, however, we failed to win a seat but we made our presence felt across the state. And in West Bengal, the BJP is the biggest gainer. Our strength increased from three to 77.

Results show that people have immense faith in the BJP and we are the only party which is growing and expanding across India. We make inroads in new areas.

We have leaders, policies and a strong force of workers and this is the reason good people from other parties are also joining us.

‘Koi nahi hai takkar me’ (no one is in the contest). Country and party are secure under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Country and party is moving ahead under him.

BJP is the future and the country’s future is secured with the BJP.

Q. You talked about assembly polls held this year, but did not mention recent bypolls where BJP had not done so well.

A. It is true that we lost a few seats in some states but our overall performance was good and better than rivals. There are lots of factors that play a role in bypolls. In 2017, the BJP had lost bypolls of Gorakhpur Lok Sabha seats represented by Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath.

Local issues and other factors like candidate selection, coordination plays an important role in bypolls. However, things get changed in assembly and parliament polls. People start talking about policy and vision of a political party instead of local issues in bypolls.

I am confident that, like this year, the BJP will form the government in all the states with a huge margin by winning more seats than last time.

Q. What would you say about much talked about opposition unity in 2022?

A. Opposition unity is a myth and nothing exist like this in reality. There is a complete vacuum of leadership in opposition parties. And everyone is trying to become leader of all the opposition parties and interestingly no one is ready to accept another as face of opposition.

There is a complete lack of leadership, organisation and cadre in the opposition camp. They don’t have a leader with a vision to lead the country. ‘Modi jaisa neta nahi hai unke pass’ (they (opposition) don’t have a leader like Modi).

Q. Mamata Banerjee is all set to make her presence felt in national politics by contesting assembly polls in Goa and Manipur. What is your take?

A. As I said that there is a complete vacuum of leadership in opposition parties and there is no leadership. Opposition parties are desperately looking out for a leader who can lead them. The Congress is not only weakened but was also facing a leadership crisis. Many senior Congress leaders left as there is no vision left in the party.

In one line I can say those who are not with BJP are desperately looking out for a leader who can lead them.

Mamata Di is trying to fill the gap. However, no one is ready to accept her as the undisputed leader of opposition parties. Reason is very simple, as she does not have a single panchayat with her outside West Bengal.

Even before coming to power in West Bengal, she worked for over a decade in Tripura and Assam. In recent Tripura local bodies polls, TMC won just one seat. She has no acceptance in Assam. When she is not getting people’s support in an area with a Bengali population, what support will she get in Goa and other parts of the country?

She is alo trying to form alliances with some regional parties but the question is how they help each other. What help Shiv Sena and DMK could offer to Mamata in West Bengal or what she could help by going to Tamil Nadu or Maharashtra.

With a wish to become a big leader she is trying to expand TMC. But the biggest question is ‘punji’ (assets). She is not a threat to BJP, instead it shows Mamata Di’s plight and how she is desperately trying to expand TMC for her acceptance as a big leader. But her entire attempt will fail.

Q. You are saying she doesn’t have ‘punji’ but she is inducting big names from other parties. Now she is the main opposition party in Meghalaya and also has an MLA in Goa.

A. TMC has no presence outside West Bengal. She (Mamata Di) is enrolling people to expand the TMC but the question is whether it will help the party. Those joining TMC have done politics for 30-40 years but now their future is in the dark and there is no support on the ground. They need a shelter at the end of their political career and they are the ones who joined TMC. Those joining TMC are retired, tired and rejected. How can a party make inroads with these retired, tired and rejected leaders?

We are strong, with a presence on the ground and have a strong leader (Modi). When people join us they have confidence that someday BJP will come to power.

She is using money power to TMC growth and the money is of taxpayers or collected through cut money. It is injustice to people of West Bengal and Goa.

Q. Mamata Banerjee has now started talking about temples along with mosques and churches. What would you say about it?

A. Mamata Banerjee changes her colour with elections. In West Bengal, she opposed Hindu festivals, put restrictions on Durga Puja. Hindus are feeling betrayed and now after realising that Hindus are against her politics of appeasement, she announced allowance for priests.

In Goa, she is saying TMC means (Temple, Mosque and Church) but in reality she is only concerned about the minority appeasement specially a particular one for her political survival.



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