Opposition not allowed to raise people’s issue: Congress

Both Houses of the Parliament were adjourned till March 15 on Wednesday as little business could be conducted during the second leg of the Budget session amid the Opposition’s uproar over fuel price hike and farmers’ issues.

Addressing a press conference jointly, Congres leaders Mallikarjun Kharge, Anand Sharma, Akhilesh P Singh, Deepender Hooda and Nasir Hussain alleged that the Opposition is not being allowed to raise the issues of public importance.

Deputy leader in the Rajya Sabha, Anand Sharma said, “This government is guilty of monumental mismanagement of the Indian economy. It is not allowing the normal functioning of the highest institution of Indian democracy. The opposition is being deprived and denied continuously of their right to raise issues, which concern the people of India.”

The Congress leaders said that they have a right to ask questions, alleging that they weren’t allowed to raise important issues even in the first leg of the Budget session.

“Parliament proceedings are not meant only for the transaction of government businesses. Notices are given under the rules, which have to be respected. We respect the rules, and had given the notices following them,” Sharma said.

The Congress leaders also alleged that bills were passed in violation of the established rules, as the Opposition was not allowed to speak.

The Congress leaders said that the government must change its attitute for the remaining part of the Budget session and hear the Opposition leaders, who are all public representatives, so that people can be reassured that the Indian democracy is functioning properly.