Opposition suffering from Yogi phobia: UP BJP

UP BJP president Swatantra Dev Singh has said that the opposition in Uttar Pradesh is suffering from ‘Yogi phobia’.

He said that the condition of SP, BSP and the Congress was like that of an ostrich which had buried its head in the sand and was unable to see the all-round development of the state.

“The opposition parties have lost political ground in UP. Their dream of returning to power is shattered. They are now misleading people with false propaganda,” he said.

Singh termed the SP leadership as ‘messiah of criminals’.

“SP has lost the right to speak against the government. The party is upset only because Yogi Adityanath has launched a campaign against mafia raj,” he said.

The UP BJP president said the SP was not worried about the poor, deprived, farmers, youth and women. “It only patronizes mafia whose illegally occupied land was bulldozed by the state government,” he added.

Swatantra Dev Singh said, “The people of Uttar Pradesh have rejected SP not once but twice and the party should start seeing ground realities before issuing statements.”

The state BJP chief also alleged that Congress general secretary, Priyanka Gandhi, was coming to the state for ‘political tourism’.

“The people of Uttar Pradesh rejected the Congress three decades ago. Those who could not save their homes are making frivolous statements out of desperation,” Singh said.

He said that these opposition leaders are losing their own dignity by criticizing the Yogi government without a valid reason. He said that with the blessings of the people, the BJP will return to power with greater numbers next year.