Order mangoes for home delivery on ‘Mango Baba’


A new mobile app, called ‘Mango Baba’ will help one in ordering mangoes online and getting them delivered at your doorstep.

The app has been developed by the Central Institute of Subtropical Horticulture (CISH), a Lucknow based ICAR lab.

Director of the institute, Shailendra Rajan said, “The app was developed last year but has been modified based on the first years’ experience. Consumers were facing difficulty generating an OTP. To address the issue, efforts were made to use a fast server because multiple registrations at the same time necessitated a quick response.”

The app was designed by entrepreneurs in the institute’s agri-business incubation centre.

This year, the institute has updated the app by removing the glitches it reported earlier and making it more customer-friendly.

The app now accepts both cash on delivery and online payment as opposed to only cash on delivery last year.

Since mango marketing is done for only two months, the app has started selling mango-based value-added products such as pickles and immunity boosters to remain active for the rest of the year.

“In future, it will also be used to deliver plants to people’s homes,” said the director.

The app will also serve as a platform for self-help groups engaged in making products by giving opportunities of sales.

“Last year, Mango Baba was used successfully to deliver mangoes to people’s homes. Entrepreneurs created a mango supply chain from the orchard to the customer. All standard grading and packaging procedures were carried out under the supervision of the institute’s scientists,” said the director.

CISH hopes that the app will be used by more and more buyers in the ongoing pandemic since most people are wary of stepping out of their homes.