New Delhi, March 10 (IANSlife) Having second thoughts about playing Holi? Given the harmful chemicals present in Holi colours, many have made a switch to organic and herbal products.

The regular colours have often been found to contain harmful chemicals such as metals, acid, mica, glass powder and hazardous alkalis etc. These chemicals, together with the sun exposure, wreak havoc on one’s skin and hair.

“Opting for organic colours not only helps the environment but also your precious skin. Organic colours are made up of environment friendly ingredients like flowers and leaves unlike the artificial colours. Organic colours diminish the skin damage to a great extent,” Rahul Agarwal, Founder and CEO of OrganicHarvest said.

The good news? As millennials are becoming more conscious about their health and surroundings, the use of chemically-treated colours has become almost negligible.

Sandip Chhettri, COO, says that this age group wants to shop from ethical brands with decent testimonials or product reviews, even if it costs slightly more. The influence of social media stars, celebrities and bloggers also play a major role in the buying-decision of millennials.

“Millennials are also rapidly turning very conscious of harm caused by chemical-based colours and other Holi products. The demand for organic and herbal products on the platform has increased by 23 percent in metro cities,” he told IANSlife.

Here is a list of 8 organic products you can choose this Holi:

1. Upakarma Ayurveda’s Kesar (Rs 399/- for 1 gram)

2. Vegetal’s natural Holi colours (Rs 200/-)

3. Pidilite Non-Toxic Holi gulal (Rs 109/-)

4. Ohria Ayurveda’s Natural Plant Derived Gulaal (Rs 250/-)

5. Ohria Ayurveda’s Holi Color Gift Box (Rs 1200/-)

6. Kama Ayurveda’s organic indigo powder (Rs 675/-)

7. Antarkranti Naturals Gulal (Rs 479/-)

8. Hari Darshan Chandan Tika (Rs 99/-)




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