Oscar winner Dianne West and Julia Garner to star in Apartment 7A, a supernatural thriller


Academy award winner Dianne West and actress Julia Garner, known for her role in Netflix’s series, Ozark are coming together to work on Paramount’s upcoming thriller ‘Apartment 7A’.

According to ‘The Hollywood Reporter’, the two-time Oscar winner, West, will be seen alongside Ozark’s Julia Garner in the latest supernatural thriller.

The movie has some big names associated with it – People who have been known to deliver superlative thrills in the past. Michael Bay, Brad Fuller and Andrew Form are producing this feature via Platinum Dunes whereas Allyson Seeger and John Krasinski are producing this via Sunday Night.

Natalie Erika James, known for ‘Relic’s’ is one of the writers working on the screenplay along with Christian White and these two are working on the plot based on a draft written by Skylar James.

Though the movie has been touted as a supernatural thriller, there is very little detail about the plot, the only revelation from the makers is that Dianne West’s role in the feature will be “meaty and instrumental”.

Dianne West is an acclaimed actress in Hollywood. She has won 2 Academy Awards for Best Supporting Actress, one in 1986 for ‘Hannah and Her Sisters’ and another in 1989 for ‘Bullets over Broadway’. She was also nominated for an Oscar in 1989 for the movie ‘Parenthood’. She is also popular for her supporting roles in popular movies like Robin William’s ‘The Birdcage’ and Johnny Depp’s ‘Edward Scissorhands’.

Currently West is seen on another Paramount+ series ‘The Mayor of Kingstown’, starring along with MCU’s ‘Hawk-eye’ actor Jeremy Renner.


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