Our aim is FIFA World Cup final: Chinese ace striker Wang Shanshan

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Gold Coast (Australia), Dec 25 (IANS) When talking about next year’s France Women’s World Cup, Wang Shanshan, ace striker of Chinese women’s football team, raised her head suddenly from her cell phone and began to be serious and ambitious.

“We will do our best in each step. We will survive the group stage, enter the elimination round and finally fight for the title,” she said.

Chinese women football team is now ranked fifth in Asia, and 15th in the world. For next year’s World Cup, the Chinese team was placed in Group B , along with South Africa, two-time world champions Germany, and rising contenders Spain, reports Xinhua news agency.

But Wang noted that no matter which group they are in, the road will not be an easy one.

“With the popularization of women’s football, no team could be conquered easily. What we can do is try to improve ourselves and do our best,” Wang said.

“Last time we are among the top eight. If we would like to progress step-by-step, this time we should at least make to the semi-final. Of course for each team the ultimate goal is the final. The stronger your opponent is, the more motivated you will be,” she pointed out.

During the past four years, Wang has had four head coaches. Talking about the current coach Jia Xiuquan, she said that Jia brought great change to the team.

“We are now quite clear about what we should do. He is quite strict, with his own set of tactics. He can always see our problems from details and emphasize a lot on team work,” she explained.



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