Monday, July 15, 2024

Our fight is for removing fear from common man’s heart in J&K: Special DG CID

Jammu and Kashmir Special Director General (CID), R.R.Swain said on Monday that the fight of the local police force is to remove fear from the heart and mind of the common citizen.

Talking to media on the sidelines of an official function here, the Special Director General added, “J&K Police is trying to root out fear from the common man’s heart and mind, and our fight against those who promote violence is purely for the general public.”

“Our police is quietly fighting the enemy who is creating violence with outside support and influence.”

“To fight some people who promote violence needs an extra valour and that is found in J&K Police. Challenges before J&K Police are quite different than what other security forces are facing.”

He said the police is fighting this battle silently for the common man.

“Our fight is for a small farmer, a lawyer, a Khateeb, a small journalist or for that matter a common man who respects and abides by the law,” Swain said.



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