Outlook terminates services of Group Editor-in-Chief Ruben Banerjee

The Outlook Group has terminated the services of Group Editor-in-Chief Ruben Banerjee with immediate effect for having vitiated the atmosphere and working in an erratic manner.

Indranil Roy, CEO, Outlook Group terminated Banerjee’s services through an email.

In the email, Roy said that Banerjee’s abrupt absence from work left Outlook stressed.

“As CEO I think it will not augur well for the discipline and the future of the organisation even as you choose to continue in this erratic manner. The correspondence exchanged and your conduct have completely vitiated the atmosphere”, Roy said in the mail.

“Therefore, I write to inform you that I am compelled to terminate your contract with Outlook Publishing (India) Limited with immediate effect as per the terms of your agreement,” the email said.

“Unfortunately, on August 11, 2021 you informed your colleagues that you would not be accessible as you were going on a month long leave.

“On September 8, you wrote to me that you are not well and would want to extend your leave without indicating any timeline. Suddenly, today morning I received your email stating that you are resuming work effective today.

“I wish to bring to your notice that despite discussing and agreeing to tight timelines with a view to consolidate operations into one newsroom and launch the new website in the first week of September 2021, your abrupt absence from work left Outlook stressed,” Roy said.