Outsiders to bring a twisted game of provocation in ‘Bigg Boss 16’

This week’s task for ration will rile up contestants in the house as it will involve more than just housemates.

The task involves a few guests visiting the house and while they carry out their errands, the housemates are tasked with ignoring them. For every three reactions or strikes, a housemate will lose a basket of ration.

Determined to get a reaction, the guests have an arsenal of distractions right from munching chicken, to reading heartfelt letters from the family members of the contestants and to disrupting the house’s chores. It is to be seen who succumbs to provocation and who overcomes it in tonight’s episode.

Amid the tension of making hard decisions, the house witnesses Tina Datta probing MC Stan about why he nominated her despite their bond.

The former is shocked that the rapper doesn’t consider her a friend. The rapper defends himself by saying that he wanted to protect her image by not citing the real reason for nominating her.

He alleged that she tried to stay in his good books because she wanted to leverage his great fan following. An utterly shocked Tina breaks down and swears on her mother that she didn’t know about the fan following he commanded.




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