Over 166,000 people in Hong Kong take fourth dose of Covid shot


A total of 166,333 people in Hong Kong have taken a fourth dose of Covid-19 vaccines, official data have showed.

Since the start of a mass inoculation programme in February 2021, about 6.75 million people, or 92.7 per cent of the eligible population in Hong Kong, have taken at least one dose of Covid-19 vaccines, while over 6.47 million, or 88.9 per cent of the eligible population, have taken two doses, Xinhua news agenn.

As of Saturday, 65.1 per cent of the eligible people in Hong Kong have taken their third booster dose.

A spokesperson for the Center for Health Protection (CHP) stressed that as the local situation of Covid-19 infection is still severe, the CHP strongly appealed to the community to continue to comply with social distancing measures, avoid going out, and refrain from participating in unnecessary or crowded activities or gatherings.

The spokesperson said that Covid-19 vaccines are highly effective in preventing severe cases and deaths from the coronavirus, urging people who have yet to receive vaccination, especially senior citizens, chronic patients, and other immunocompromised persons who face a higher chance of death after Covid-19 infection to get vaccinated as early as possible.

On Saturday, Hong Kong registered 2,791 confirmed locally transmitted cases of Covid-19 and 204 imported cases, official data showed.



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