Over 50 mafia members arrested in Italy’s Sicily

Over 50 mafia members were arrested in a police swoop in Italy’s Sicily, authorities have confirmed.

Those arrested on Friday are alleged members of the Sanfilippo clan of Mazzarino near Caltanissetta, Xinhua news agency quoted the police as saying.

According to the police, the clan said to take its orders from the Gela branch of the second largest Sicilian crime organisation, the Stidda (Sicilian for ‘Star’), which is much less famous than Cosa Nostra.

Those arrested have been charged with mafia association, murder, extortion, drug trafficking and arms possession, all aggravated by using mafia methods.

During the probe, police said they shed light on two mafiosi allegedly ‘disappeared’ in 1984 and 1991 with the ‘lupara bianca’ method.

Police said the Mazzarino clan extorted large sums of money from local businessmen to fuel their illicit activities and help jailed mafia members.