Monday, June 17, 2024

‘Over 700 narco-offenders nabbed in Delhi from Jan to June 19’

The Delhi Police’s Crime Branch in multiple raids from January to June 19 have apprehended 776 narco-offenders in 615A NDPS cases registered across the national capital, an official said on Tuesday.

According to officials, they have also recovered about 36 kgs of heroin/smack, 15 kgs of cocaine, 1800 kgs of ganja, 233 kgs of opium, 10.5 kgs of charas and 71 kgs of poppy head etc, besides some quantities of amphetamine among others during the raids till June 19.

Special Commissioner of Police (Crime) Ravindra Singh Yadav said that to tackle the menace on all fronts, a joint and sweeping operation (Operation Kawach) was launched all over Delhi to focus on identifying and apprehending individuals involved in the trafficking and distribution of narcotics.

“Action for coordinated raids on narco-offenders was planned with all the senior officers as well as field officers. A total of 150 police teams consisting of ANTF, Crime Branch, and all police stations of all the districts were constituted to carry out the operations and chose more than 100 potential targets to perform simultaneous raids,” said the Special CP.

“A ruthless zero tolerance approach against drugs and drug traffickers is adopted by Delhi Police. We have been targeting local as well as national and international drug traffickers, who are spreading the drug menace,” said the official.



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